Red Earth Creek & Shadow Lake winter wonderland

Trip date: Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Submitted by Normand




With the recent track setting on Red Earth Creek (Parks Canada Trail report) and the ski by Democracy yesterday, I figured there would a crowd of skiers. No one seen today! About 7-10 cm of fresh snow on top of the most recent track setting. Trees are so much loaded with snow, that the next wind storm will make interesting to dodge white bombs while skiing. I was just planning to get to the bridge by Shadow Lake for a picture of Mount Ball, but fog and clouds prevented any view of the massive rock face. So I figured I would just ski a bit on the previous ski trail broken last night, while hoping for a decent photo. The rock face cleared somewhat when I passed the inflow of Haiduk Creek into the lake. That was good enough for me. Green wax worked well all day. It was about -17 C around the lake with a light breeze. The ski out was slower with all that fresh snow, but the skidoo packing all the way to lodge was welcomed.