WBC Sunday - Encore

Trip date: Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Submitted by Shulamit


Me and some awesome folks


Arrived WBC at 9:30 am. Parking lot was just starting to fill up. Temperature around -14°C with soft snow gently falling but rose to about -11°C by the time we finished. The falling snow gave the hills a misty sepia winter postcard effect. It was really quite lovely.

One counter-clockwise loop around Loggers/East Crystal Line, and then clockwise around Moose Loop. We didn't find a moose today, but we did spot a tiny fluffy owl tucked in a tree-top.

I second the commendations to the groomers. The trails were cleared and in excellent shape, considering the relatively thin base. There were a a few roots poking out here and there, but nothing major. The trails were well-covered, and I felt very safe going up and down hills. Job well-done and THANK YOU!