Beautiful Day at the southern PLPP trails

Trip date: Tuesday Dec 21, 2021

Submitted by Carl V M


Rocky Mtn Ramblers Assoc


We had a beautiful day especially on the Tyrwhit and Elk Pass trails.
We set out up Whiskyjack around 10:15 with temp around -10 C.  That trail had been trackset back a week ago and had about 10 cm new light snow on it that had barely been skied. After a short break at the Pocaterra junction we headed around Tyrwhit.  It had only been rolled last week.  Again light previous usage was in evidence, but it was also easy to break a second skier track.  It had been quite overcast on the drive out but as we ascended the weather cleared up. And by the time we were on Tyrwhit it was as beautiful a day as one could hope.  We had a short lunch at the picnic table on Tyrwhit before heading up to Elk Pass.  The Elk Pass trail had been well travelled since whatever tracksetting was done last week.  We returned to the cars via the beautiful Fox Creek and Moraine trails (both only skier trackset).  Back around 2:15, temp around -7 C, 18 km with around 35 m ascent.
Photos will be posted later today in the Rambler's Trip report: