Trip date: Tuesday Dec 21, 2021



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The Spray River West trail is double trackset and in excellent condition. Just a few pine needles in the slightly worn tracks for the first few kilometers. It was busier than expected for a weekday as lots of people were skiing out as I skied in. Moderately fast cold snow. Swix dark green wax worked well on the trail.

A couple of groups coming down hills did not want to share the trail, hogging both sides of the trail. Some greenhorns just lack common sense or skier courtesy.

From the end of the trackset trail to the Sundance trail junction the trail was skier tracked, thanks to Sara M., with about 10 cm of new snow in the track. My Swix green wax would give no grip with the new snow. It was like skiing on roller bearings.

From the Sundance trail junction to SP-16 campground I broke trail. Ski penetration varied and was generally about 5 cm above the ankles. Some areas were deeper. The further I went up the valley, the less ski penetration and easier going. Trail breaking was somewhat easy to moderate difficulty. Moderate speed snow at best when trail breaking. I was able to easily cross all the creeks with my skis on, for the first time in 2 years. The big creek after Sundance trail junction required a lot of packing of snow to make it easier to cross the creek.

I was lucky and found fire wood to sit on at SP-16 campground which made things comfortable. With the wind chill it felt like about -20C as it got dark.