Fairview Loop Wed. Dec. 29th

Trip date: Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

Submitted by FrankL


Me and daughter Heather.


Arrived 1PM at the MLR parking lot-26°C and only 3 cars. White Polar wax and a shortened grip pocket worked pretty well all things considered. Up the Moraine Lake Road (about 4 cm of recent snow over the track set) and took the clockwise Fairview Loop cutoff which was......freshly track set - hooray! Blue sky day and no wind took the edge off the cold. All we had to do was keep moving to stay cozy. Took a side trip to the Chateau and the lake. It was a full lower parking lot with a crowd of bundled up people walking, smiling and taking pictures. What lucky folks we are to live in this part of the country. The exit down the tram line back to the parking lot was trashed with footprints (no surprise there) for the first half and a sloooww glide back to our car. Finished with a delightful ham on swiss with hot tea and JK Bakery strudel for dessert. Perfect day.