Dawson to Pocaterra - a multiday Skiventure

Trip date: Saturday Jan 01, 2022

Submitted by Sara M




I took advantage of the warm weekend weather window and embarked on a 3-day skiventure.
Day 1: Dawson PRA to Little Elbow campground. The Powderface road is well-packed by snowmobiles and makes for decent skiing. There are a few thin, gravelly spots and it was very very windy!
Day 2: Little Elbow to Tombstone campground on the Elbow River trail. This was snowmobile packed to within 4km of the campground. That last 4km was pretty tough, with some STEEP uphills! Again, mostly good coverage but a few rocky spots to tiptoe through.
Day 3: Tombstone to Pocaterra. Sara-height snowdrifts across the trail between Tombstone and Elbow Lake kept things exciting! Some larger, unavoidable bare spots as well that required some hiking. Skiing down from Elbow Lake to Highway 40 was very fast, despite the deep snow. Then skied down the highway to the backdoor. The backdoor from the highway to the Pocaterra trail had brutally heavy snow, hardest trail-breaking of the whole trip! Then a (relatively) speedy descent to the Pocaterra hut, where a ride was waiting for me.