No hazards on Packers

Trip date: Sunday Jan 09, 2022

Submitted by Bob Truman



Despite the warnings on the PLPP trail report, descending Packers is completely safe with no ice and no significant bumps. There are a few small twigs which are of no consequence.

I played it safe as I started down the big hill but soon realized it was in great shape and put pedal to the metal.

I skied all of last night's tracksetting in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and this will be noted as a "Best Day" in my log book. It was -6 at 11 a.m at Boulton Creek and -2 a couple hours later.

I enjoyed skiing with Sophie and Enza as I was climbing Whiskey Jack. They were very fortunate to see a lynx at the Upper Lake parking lot. Should have tagged along.

I don't think these great conditions will last because the wind was picking up as I was finishing around 1 pm. As a result, pine needles and tree bombs were starting to appear.

I broke with protocol and went skiing on a weekend. Let it serve as a reminder to me that there is a good reason I don't usually venture out on a Saturday or Sunday. Traffic was a nightmare. There was an overturned vehicle in the ditch west of Morley causing a delay, and about a ten minute wait just to make the exit onto Hwy 40. Bumper to bumper all the way to the village. My trip out took half-an-hour longer than usual.