Powder Pandemic in Peter's Park

Trip date: Tuesday Jan 11, 2022

Submitted by SteveR


Fabulous Five


Piling onto the other reports from today at PLPP, we skied the Tyrwhitt loop CCW.
Arriving in the park just after 10, we found a full on snow event underway with big flakes falling at a rate of several cm's an hour, with a temp. of -3. By the time we were underway from Boulton Bridge this had tapered off and for the remainder of the loop it was overcast with light flurries. Boulton Creek and Fox were sublime, with good silky kick and glide on older track setting through 6 cm of fluff. The type 1.5 fun began on Elk Pass trail- decently skier trackset, but snow conditions were trying with numerous scrapings and re-waxings due to sticky snow. Any idea of a side trip to Blueberry was abandoned at this point and we soldiered on to the pass, where the skiing improved dramatically upon hitting yesterday's track setting on Tyrwhitt, which was reasonably quick and smooooth....Did I mention silky already? The much anticipated homestretch down WhiskeyJack was a bit of a let down though, as poor glide and some stick and slip made the lower angle bits as slow as molasses- I double poled much of it! Still- a fine day out with great company in pleasant weather!