Beautiful Snow on MLR

Trip date: Thursday Jan 13, 2022

Submitted by KeithB


Ray, Anne and Me


Drove the slippery TransCanada west of Sunshine turnoff to Pipestone trailhead. Second car in parking lot. A quick check revealed there was no recent track setting in the 15 cm new snow. Left to check MLR. Arrived to see Parks just completing the grooming and track setting. 0 C start at 10:20 am. One with skin skis - Two with wax - VR 45 and VR50 which worked.very well with only minor icing on the VR45.
A steady uphill push quickly had us at the turn around where we enjoyed the sun and no appreciable wind. The ski down was too controlled. Because of the new snow and soft track, the ski down was moderately slow. The temperature back at the car was +3 C at 3:40 pm.
We enjoyed the company of four paralympians from Canmore. Emily, Brianna, Natalie and Christina are headed to the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games!