Winter is not over in Lake Louise

Trip date: Friday Jan 14, 2022

Submitted by Ulrikeski


Me, Gary and Anita


We started at the village at -6C, with some fog and a low cloud hanging in the valley; followed a good classic track up Tramline to MLR, then continued on Fairview which had excellent new tracksetting. Snow chunks from tree bombs beside the trail were the only evidence of the previous warm-up. Enjoyed a wonderful ski to the lake; We didn't cross the lake as tracks looked icy and slush on the surface. We continued along the walking path to the lakeshore trail and followed it to the end of the lake. The tracks were crunchy and bumpy from boot prints and snow chunks that had fallen off the trees. The Telemark Trail didn't look groomed, so we cruised back to the village on the Tramline Trail. So happy to see that winter hasn't ended yet.