Recon time for Full Moon Adventure tomorrow night....

Trip date: Friday Jan 14, 2022

Submitted by Helen Read



Parked at Kananaskis Golf Course in +2 and skied to Ribbon Bridge. Icy overflow not in same place as usual and was fine to ski over. Then headed south to check out those big hills on Bill Milne south to Wedge Pond. Not too bad, but glad to be on fish scales. Skied the Wedge Connector next and was happy to report tracks were decent, despite many walkers. Nice picnic table at cross-over to Evan Thomas side, where I put on grippers to climb the hill (extra cautious but not necessary). Saw more people at that juncture than anywhere else. Enjoyed the last 2 kms. downhill back to hwy via Evan Thomas parking lot, although that stretch had the most debris to watch out for. 17.5 kms day and refreshed my recollection of that route. Will hike it tomorrow night in Full Moon.