Staying at Truffle Pigs Bistro and Lodge but skiing at snowy Lk Louise

Trip date: Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

Submitted by Helen Read


Hubby and five keen XC skiers


Woke up to colder temps in Field and LL, but 15 kms of new snow at LL and none overnight in Field, made our decision fairly easy. Parked at upper LL (best but not clearer parking lot in town) and skied newly groomed MLR to approx kms 5 and then back down to Fairview which was "snowy delicious". Walked over to lake to check out the Ice Bar and Ice Castle then headed back down he hill only to learn they were clearing avalanches so Trans Canada was closed both ways until just after 4pm. Delayed Happy Hour Gratification but soon to start!! Truffle Pigs a wonderful place for a safe StayCation.