Blueberry-Elk Pass-Hydroline Bliss

Trip date: Thursday Jan 20, 2022

Submitted by Mary


Anne, Ray and me


Best tracks we've seen this season! Elk Pass Trail was a delight, and even Fox Creek wasn't too bad. The best part of the day was Blueberry Hill with its snow-swaddled trees, perfect tracks and hardly anyone there. It made coming down fast a real thrill! From the top of Elk Pass, 2 of us took Hydroline down to the bottom, while Ray tried Patterson back to Elk. Both routes were in excellent shape. All the major hills (Blueberry, Hydroline and Elk Pass above the parking lot) were fast and fun, and with the fresh grooming over new snow, had perfectly controllable descents. -7C to start and -2 at the end, with very little wind. V40 and 45 wax worked well. Thanks ski buddies and track setters for a fantastic experience today!