All the Elks with the Ladies of Cross Country Skiing YYC

Trip date: Thursday Jan 27, 2022

Submitted by Tanya K


8 fabulous ladies from Cross country skiing YYC


We skied the classic Tyrwhitt Loop AKA Skier Bob Special with special side trips to both East and West Elk Pass.
East Elk Pass is reached from a meadow about 300 m past the picnic table on Tyrwhitt at the bottom of the big climb to Elk Pass.
We followed Ma Sid’s tracks to his snow couch.
It was about 5 km return from Tyrwhitt.
Wider pole baskets recommended. Snow was great! Soft and fluffy.
West Elk Pass is reached off the Elk Pass Trail where you leave the trail at the bottom of the steep black hill descending from the pass, before the Blueberry junction.
We had tracks initially to follow but they were wind blasted once we reached the meadow to the couch. We had to break trail through crusty punchy snow where you punched through the crust with every step.
Nobody had taken the upper meadow route towards Blueberry so we returned the same way.
Our loop was 23km, 6 of it off trail touring.