Trip date: Monday Feb 07, 2022

Submitted by gh


just me


Fortunately I carry both wax and waxless skis in my car. Today with the wet snow even the waxless skis were sticking a bit in the afternoon. I left upper Boulton around 1030 headed for the couches (I assume MaSid and friends work - thanks) on West Elk Pass via Moraine / Fox Creek / Elk Pass. Conditions were fast until the snow started to fall around 1100. It was considerably slower after that. I was likely the only one to venture off the grooming to the couches today. I refreshed the trail (about 2 cm fresh snow) to the hydroline and then came back up to Alberta. The Hydroline on the BC side seems to have seen more snow shoe traffic than skier traffic. Conditions there are variable from a reasonably good surface to a surface with lots of divots. I was glad that I was going up. I returned via Tyrwhitt / Packers which had been groomed but were both pretty slow due to the fresh wet snow. I see that the trail to East Elk Pass is still visible (barely) so perhaps I will give that one a go later in the week.