Empty-Handed Cookie Lady meets Jeremy, the Telephone Loop groomer skiing CCW

Trip date: Thursday Feb 24, 2022

Submitted by Helen Read


Just me, wanting to ski this Telephone Loop for many years


Three posts in a row focussing on Telephone Loop means a HUGE amount of thanks goes out to all who removed many hundreds of trees from the last windstorm, and to Jeremy who groomed/track set this trail last night. Another thanks to SkierBob for alerting us on his post yesterday. It was a challenge for me on that East side for sure, taking off the skis twice to walk up/down a couple of the hills. But was I ever glad to reach the Homestead sign and know I was on the home stretch!! So happy to have finally achieved this goal. The snow was fantastic -7 at 11:15, warming to -5. VR 45 was my ticket to ride!