PLPP - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Trip date: Thursday Mar 03, 2022

Submitted by Ray Perrott


4 of us


We arrived at Boulton parking (not yet plowed) at 9:40am to -5C. We skied down to Boulton Bridge, and headed south on the Boulton trail, knowing it had just been trackset yesterday. Very difficult skiing for the first km - icy corduroy, ruts, icy sections under trees. Only a few short tracked sections. The second km was somewhat better, with more tracks and some soft snow. We returned back to the Boulton area on Moraine, which was somewhat better, but still required caution in several areas. Then north on Wheeler and Amos to Elkwood. Amos was decent in open sections, but lots of icy spots tight in the trees (from dripping snowmelt). The return on Wheeler was actually quite enjoyable, with consistent tracks and not too much icy feel. We finished with a jaunt down to the Lower Lake Group Camp - this trail was skier set in nearly 10cm of snow, and very erratic. Collembola was evident everywhere today. -2C to finish, snowing lightly. No clumping today, and we were all on waxable skis. We worked hard for our 20km day.