Backdoor - Tyrwhitt - Elk Pass - Nov 1

Trip date: Monday Nov 01, 2021

Submitted by Gord F




Backdoor - Tyrwhitt - Elk Pass - Monday Nov 1.

I thought I'd follow Normand's trail from Backdoor south to Elk Pass. It was -15ยบ with a breeze when I started about 10:45. The snow was nice and dry, and a well-hammered track and my desire to warm up allowed me to get to the high point on Tyrwhitt pretty quickly. I had visions of gliding down to the bottom of Tyrwhitt with little effort.......then I discovered the broken trail vanished just past the Tyrwhitt high point. It looked like Normand, (I assume) had been plucked off the ground by a helicopter with a long line, or he had executed a very precise kick turn and returned on his original track. Regardless, I now found myself plowing through 25cm of powder the entire way to Elk Pass. Conditions are good for early-season, a consistent 25cm. Had to circumvent a few stream crossings, and avoid a few wet zones but didn't need to remove skis. BTW, the smoke was pretty thick up around Elk Pass. I assume they are burning slash on the BC side?