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Shark is great, the highway is not

Report Submitted by walterh
(trip) Date: Saturday Mar 18, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Mar 18, 2023 at 18:16


Gail and me


We returned to Shark after a fantastic day Thursday. The trails are still in great shape. The only sun softened parts we came across were on the south facing steeper hills on Hercules, and the access trail down to the lake. I only got surprised by "catch and release" once while descending a hill on Hercules. We skied Virgo, Pegasus, Hercules, Watridge Trail to the bridge and back, and Draco. In future, I will take the hills on Ursa Major anytime over the final hill to the bridge on Watridge.

Regarding the highway from Canmore. Two days ago it was mostly smooth packed snow. By this afternoon it is mostly wet gravel, fine washboard, potholes, and puddles. Mandatory car wash after returning, but still much better than in summer. No dust clouds from other vehicles.

The tracksetting is still great, and this is at 4:30 today after the recent sunny, warm days.

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