Skier Bob Video's:

Cross-country skiing on Lodgepole and Braille in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Kananaskis Country:

A fast downhill on Elk Pass

Lodgepole and Braille in PLPP Jan 4, 2017

Redearth Creek Dec 6, 2016

Moraine Lake road Nov 22, 2016

The steep descent to the Goat Creek bridge Dec 31, 2015

Passing fat bikers and walkers on Goat Creek Dec 28, 2015

Goat Creek: The fast and twisty downhill to Spray river bridge Dec 24, 2015

Descending Ribbon Creek Dec 24, 2019

It was like skiing in a picture postcard Fox Creek in Kananaskis Country after a big snowfall. Nov 24, 2011

Elk Pass: Perfect conditions and serene beauty Dec 12, 2013

Moraine Lake road at Lake Louise Fast, fantastic, blissful. Nov 5, 2011

A picturesque Elk Pass Snow-covered trees and excellent tracks Nov 27, 2011

The fastest 1K in Kananaskis Descending the steep Elk Pass hill Dec 28, 2011

Chasing Peter on Pocaterra Jan 23, 2014

Fast and fun on Moraine Lake road Lots of other skiers in this. Nov 17, 2012

Moraine Lake road at Lake Louise First tracks of the season. Nov 10, 2012

Moraine Lake road: Racing down the steep part Nov 21, 2011

Pocaterra in a cloud of snow Skier in front of me was dragging his poles between his legs. Feb 8, 2012

Hydroline in PLPP – interesting developments in this vid Feb 5, 2012

Skiing the backswamp in Banff National Park

Tramline at Lake Louise I was merrily skiing along when… Nov 10, 2012

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