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WBC: The Perfect Storm!

Report Submitted by MaSid
(trip) Date: Saturday Feb 10, 2024

Submitted: Saturday Feb 10, 2024 at 14:58


- Seasonal winter conditions
- Fresh track setting
- Some sunshine
- A mild temperature forecast
- A weekend day

All lead to a busy busy day on the groomed trails. Parking lot was 90% full by 10 AM. Saw a handful of wipeouts on flat ground in the first couple kilometres. Lots of large groups milling about at intersections, base of hills, in the tracks, in the wrong tracks, taking selfies, not looking for descending skiers, etc. It was comical mayhem I tell you! Caution was required. Nothing to do but run away off trail, first heading up Tom Snow north. Nice fluffy cold snow initially, thickening up a bit by noon. Only went a couple km to the base of the hills and returned to continue around moose loop. Next option: middle Tom Snows. Wrong choice: too late in the day, major stickage by 1 PM. Also major snow bomb action, but not the fluffy kind, the icy chunky stuff. Ouch! Eventually bailed through west meadow to mountain road, but carrying the skis. Everything was fine back on the grooming. Tracks were well used today by many people of all levels. Things might be a bit wobbly as well as slick and fast in the morning tomorrow.

Tom Snow North (the meadow entry route). Nice and peaceful.

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2024-02-11 at 12:37 - comment by MaSid

Good storey septua! At least they didn’t attempt to scatter in all directions, then change their mind, and all do the opposite, again in multiple directions, thus making it even worse. (-: Experienced that once on goat creek. First time I ever jumped a set of poles on cross country gear. Might have provided a learning experience.

2024-02-11 at 08:55 - comment by Frances Dances

Note to 70genarians - You guys showed amazing restraint and hopefully the beginners will stay on to become experts.

2024-02-11 at 08:33 - comment by Septuagenarians

MaSid, your poetic description of the cheerful pandemonium at West Bragg on Saturday reminded us of a most unusual situation we encountered on Moraine Lake Road about a month ago.

We passed a group of two absolute beginners and their guide heading up on MLR on somewhat soft snow. Whenever one of the two beginners would fall, they would roll and frolic in the snow making for an even larger crater. On our return from the top we were having fun steering around these craters when, lo and behold, on the steepest section of MLR on the kilometer just above the Paradise Creek Bridge the most unbelievable sight should appear. As we screamed around one of corners on the steep slope, we suddenly encountered the party of three sitting down spread across the entire middle of the trail enjoying lunch in a sunny spot. We slowed down as much as we could and squeezed through the only narrow opening on one side. That added a little excitement to our descent!

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