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2022-03-18 at 10:28 - comment by Helen Read

YaDaGo, TooTall (Sean?) The name of the awesome liquor is Sortilege and Carol Poland gets total credit for introducing me to it. I look forward to reading more of your reports as the season is not yet over!!! Planning to return there this Monday, hoping the 6 cms listed on snow forecast fall there. Thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Tyrwhitt picnic table with you and John.

2022-03-18 at 09:59 - comment by TooTall

Luck of the Irish yesterday as we not only met Roger (thanks Roger for all your work!) . . . but we also met the incredible Helen Read! Go girl!!

2022-03-18 at 07:37 - comment by Ray Yong

Ha! I passed your group on my way up Elk. I thought there were a bunch of people I recognized! I found the conditions just perfect on my skin skis. No grip problems at all going up or down, so I'm thinking of heading back again today, just because.

Elk Pass, Blueberry, Hydroline, Paterson were all spectacular. I parked at Elk Pass and headed up the big hill for the first time, instead of taking Fox. Returned the same way. I have to admit that as I was standing at the top of the hill looking down on the return trip, I was contemplating my life's choices...

2022-03-17 at 22:23 - comment by Helen Read

Thank you Dylan for your AMAZING TRACKS as seen in Chuck's excellent photo below. Seeing the report you wrote at 4 am was greatly appreciated, as so many people enjoyed your efforts on these "green St Patrick Day highlighted runs" on Nordic Pulse today. And Thank you Chuck and Jeannette for re-freshing the trail out to East Elk Meadows and the couch which is looking in Spring-like condition.
It was a social day not soon to be forgotten.

ELK PASS - St. Patrick's Day Edition - Green Wax did not work - Look elsewhere for the Luck of the Irish!

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Thursday Mar 17, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Mar 17, 2022 at 20:08


Thanks to the reminder of what Nordic Pulse provides (trackset at 1:55 am today), it was time to take in this option.
And thanks to Helen Read, who gave us directions to MaSid's latest couch, it became a full day.
Now, let me get into my Irish celebrations!

Well, the extended Clan came together anyway on Elk Pass (Skier Roger in Orange on the right)!

Brian and Sybilya choose to go counter clockwise (do the young folk even know which way a clock goes?).

Amazing tracks that only a big heavy machine can put in

Other tracks are almost as beautiful!

Of course... don't forget the views

MaSid's Couch... a well deserved 2 km side trip.

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