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Sheep River Road- Alert!

Report Submitted by SteveR
(trip) Date: Friday Apr 08, 2022

Submitted: Friday Apr 08, 2022 at 10:08


Not me.


Not directly skiing related, but a heads up, as we along with many other xc skiers that we know like to ride the closed Sheep River road westward from the winter gates at Sandy McNabb every spring. I have heard through the grapevine that construction 5 km out has left the road impassible until May 1 (at least, you know how these things can go) . Hopefully we can get in a ride between that date, and the annual scheduled re-opening on May 15.

A couple of pictures from April 30, 2021. The road is currently closed 5 km west of Sandy McNabb.

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2022-04-08 at 14:47 - comment by aqua toque

A representative from Alberta Transportation tells me that the work is being done to accomodate eBike users as they require a smoother surface.

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