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(trip) Date: Friday May 13, 2022

Submitted: Friday May 13, 2022 at 12:48


Bad undemocratic Federal politicians who will kill your skiing buzz potentially


CTV announced today that the Trudeau Government will slash the Federal budget for National Parks and Historic Sites by a crazy amount of 2/3 next year.

This slashing will likely lead to xc skiing fees and parking fees in Banff and other Parks for the future as I predicted early in the ski season.

Trudeau is anti Parks and totally opposite of his father. The better Trudeau PM of the 1970's and 1980's invested heavily in the Parks trail systems including XC skiing trails. Junior is destroying all that as trails are becoming over grown and eroded like never before.

Write your PM and tell him to stop the cuts. Shift oil subsidies to protecting our Parks so they can remain affordable for the less wealthy. Tax the wealthy more like the old Trudeau PM did to protect our Parks. Charge all road users in Banff the annual or daily park fee. Stop burning and clear cutting of National Park forests and use the funds for these activities to maintain trails. Force residents and businesses in the Parks to protect themselves from fires and end the useless fire protection subsidies that are also harming the environment.

There are many options to maintain Parks budgets. The problem is the Government will increase costs in the Parks for parking or xc skiing in order to push out the less wealthy in favor of the more wealthy. Our Parks should be Universal for all and no increase in any fees for users should be permitted except those driving through for free. Our Parks must not be left for the wealthy only- as our multi millionaire political leaders would like.

If Canadians lived in a real democracy where you have the legalized right to introduce and vote on government bills, you can bet Canadians would not allow Trudeau to slash the National Parks and Historic Sites budget by 2/3. Make way for real democracy and slay our oligarchy political system. This is how our Parks and environment will be better protected for all Canadians.

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2022-05-19 at 17:39 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB


I am politically shocked this is not a major discussion in the corrupt government supported media. The government is looking to the markets to support our National Parks which is foolish. The last thing we need is corporate advertising along the roadways or trails or at campsites to support our national parks financially.

A absence of democracy will allow the government to allow corporations to finance the parks. Will Banff be called Royal Bank National Park in the future? It possibly will if you don't speak up and try to stop it.

If we lived in a real democracy, the citizens of Canada would determine how our parks are financed, not the anti environmental oligarchy Liberal Conservative NDP Majority Anti-democratic Government.

Speak out or your cross country skiing will be highly inflated sooner rather than later. You will pay to park in our National Parks and pay to cross country ski if you are politically silent or cowardly.

Politics is war without bloodshed where war is politics with bloodshed. You don't need to shed blood to keep your National Parks skiing universally free.

2022-05-19 at 18:52 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for providing the link Mr. Democracy.

This news release does send a chill down my spine since the difference in year to year spending is projected to drop very significantly.

The release states "The government's main estimates published this spring allocate a capital budget of $138 million, down from $448 million spent last year and $556 million in 2020-21."

I do however struggle with your characterization of the "corrupt government supported media". I'd suggest we take a look around at what's happening in other countries before we go there...


The Canadian Press News Release

2022-06-15 at 17:52 - comment by DEMOCRATIZE AB

What really chokes me about the Canadian Press article is that it outlines the fact that a New Zealand consulting company did asset analysis for Parks Canada. Why on earth would the Federal Government hire a foreign consulting company to examine the Parks Canada assets when there are all sorts of Canadian companies eligible to do the same work? Our globalist government is just to stupid to keep Canadian dollars, particularly tax dollars, circulating in our own economy. Hiring foreign companies just sends wealth abroad rather than keeping it in Canada. If we lived in a real democracy where people have the legalized right to introduce and vote on government bills, this sort of stupidity would not occur as Canadians would prefer to employ Canadians rather than foreign corporations.

I would be willing to bet the New Zealand consulting company did not look at the cross country and backpacking trails in Banff to determine what condition those assets are in.

The cross country ski/backpacking trail assets in Banff have been in decline for nearly 3 decades now. Trails are becoming overgrown and are becoming highly rutted which requires more snow to make them skiable. Some backpacking trails are so highly rutted that when hiking down them the ground level can be at waist height or even higher on the body. Tourists do not like highly eroded trails as it makes hiking harder and eroding trails harm fish habitat. But our government does not care. Only Trudeau PM Senior cared. He invested heavily in out trail systems, which is the exact opposite of the current Trudeau PM who has jacked up backpacking fees hundreds of percent for those who go on longer trips. The better older PM Trudeau did not charge people to backpack in our National Parks and we can expect the lousy PM Trudeau to charge for XC skiing or parking in the near future, particularly if people do not voice opposition against such fees.


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