Mount Shark - Snowy and (mostly) open for business

Submitted by Jenny
(trip) Date: Thursday Nov 11, 2021

A beautiful and lonely unpacked side trail

Watridge Lake Road - skidoo packed and free of debris

A small stream to step across was the only early season hazard

Watridge Lake - much too early in the season to ski on the ice, but stunning views as always


Based on snow reports from Burstall Pass, we took a guess on Mount Shark being skiable, and it did not disappoint. The main trail to Watridge Lake and beyond has been skidoo packed, as have most of the side trails. A few of the side trails were more aggravation (brush and grit) than fun, but those were in the minority. There's one small creek to jump over on the main thoroughfare, but that was the only time we needed to take our skis off. Navigating the trail system is even more mystifying than usual, as most of the old colour by numbers signs have been removed, presumably in preparation for the new and much needed wayfinding project funded by last year's xc trail fees. The road in to the trail head and the car park are ploughed, with plenty of space. We saw only one other party of three skiers, and a dozen or so walkers there. And one lynx.

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2021-11-13 - comment by Jenny

So I hear :( Happily that rain fell as snow on the upper Pocaterra trails though...

2021-11-13 - comment by Diana Piggott

That looks beautiful! But I hear it was raining there yesterday :-(


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