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2022-11-23 at 06:41 - comment by Chuck

Thank you Sara for that additional very valuable information.

2022-11-22 at 21:05 - comment by Sara M

I don't think Madshus' kicker skins would be worth it for you since you already have a full-length set. The kickers seem more prone to failure, anyway. I suppose the hole in the ski could be a potential weak point, but it's reinforced with plastic and I've never felt like it was a thing to worry about. It doesn't affect the waxability of the ski at all, they could be used the same way as your old skis.

2022-11-22 at 19:07 - comment by Chuck

THANK YOU so much, Sara and Helen,
Sara, it is really interesting to learn of the Madshus options. I have been looking for a pure waxable ski, and have been turned off by any suggestion of an optional kicker skin which seems to just complicate matters (with holes in skis and and added cost). I have full length 50 mm skins that I can carry if I am going far and high into the backcountry. I wonder if I am being overly concerned.
Helen, I will respond by email... as I have your email address!

2022-11-22 at 17:45 - comment by Helen Read

Chuck, I'm thinking of O'Hara end of Great Divide tomorrow, or LL end, and my Asnes are already in the car. You and Jeannette can join me (meet up at Norquay Rd) 8:30.) I need to be back for bridge classes at 3 so intend to leave there by 12:30/45. I can bring my other Rossy's to ski on as it will be deluxe powder I hope, sunshine and -8.....maybe even some grooming!!!!

2022-11-22 at 13:46 - comment by Sara M

Chuck, my LT skis are waxable. They also have the option to use them with a custom kicker skin that integrates with the ski base. Madshus Panorama M55, which this year got replaced by the T55 which Madshus says is lighter but performs similarly. Neither option seems to be available in any local stores but both are available in Quebec stores that ship. Mine are the 180cm, which I believe is the same as the skis you're hoping to replace. You're welcome to borrow them for a spin if you want to try them out.

2022-11-22 at 08:38 - comment by Frances Dances

Frank Howard reports that it was not he, but James Lawson (in orange) who was leading the MnM A's. He would also like to report that aside from a couple of rocks, the Lower Tramline was very good. They crossed the bridge to go to the Village.

2022-11-21 at 18:50 - comment by SkierRoger

Pity the poor woman giving birth to that.

Great news that Moraine Lake Road is still looking good! It was one of the options that I suggested on Paul Karchut's Real Ski Report show this weekend

MORAINE LAKE ROAD - Original tracksetting holding up well

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Monday Nov 21, 2022

Submitted: Monday Nov 21, 2022 at 17:26


No maintenance since the November 10 tracksetting... that's 11 days ago!
Be careful on the return descent, because the middle is not fully flat packed, so it can be challenging to get out of the tracks for a safer snow plow. We all need to do a snow dance.
Ricardo uplifted me with his cheerfulness. I liked the look of his Asnes skis until he told me they were skin skis. When I told him I was looking for waxable skis, he retorted that the majority of people are born with their head coming out first, but that those purists who like waxable skis come out with their skis first!

Conditions are hard packed and fast

Mountains on Mondays Outdoor Club are eager to go

Under the fine leadership of Frank Howard, the MnM "A" team are happy to share treats, and the sitting rail, just before the viewpoint

Hikers have proceeded beyond the viewpoint to the lake.


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