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2021-11-21 - comment by DarrenKH

Moraine Lake Road was beautiful Saturday, I found conditions great for classic. There were many classic and skate skiers and they seemed happy. Parking lot at MLR turnoff was packed at 9:30. I parked at Lake Louise and skied down Tramline. As I left I saw that some people were parking on the road, we should raise awareness about Tramline option to reduce temptation to break the rules.

2021-11-19 - comment by Gates

MLR skate ski. 5-10cm of fresh ungroomed snow on old extremely lumpy grooming from earlier this weak.Skied to avalanche zone. Poling soft but no more ashphalt! Trail condition poor to fair at best for skating.With some grooming would be good.Tracks and classic was good.

Upper Tramline and MLR

Report Submitted by ErinP
(trip) Date: Friday Nov 19, 2021

Submitted: Friday Nov 19, 2021


Lovely ski today on Upper Tramline and Moraine Lake Road under blue skies. My blue wax was a tad sticky (I would have been wiser to start with green and some blue under my feet) but they did the job. Lots of snow…I was wishing I had my older poles with bigger baskets. But many smiles on the way up and fast tracks on the way down made it a nice day.


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