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Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Saturday Jan 21, 2023

Submitted: Saturday Jan 21, 2023 at 20:26


200 Racers


A very successful event thanks to dedicated organizer Heidi Widmer and many volunteers.
The photos shown in the attached link were taken in several locations along the way, either on the lake, at Morant's Curve, Baker Creek or at the Castle Junction Finish:
Participant names are indicated by the filename where known.
Check out the Loppet website for details:

Mass Start on Lake Louise

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2023-01-22 at 08:31 - comment by Bob Truman

I enjoyed seeing your photos, thanks Chuck. Looking at the results, I was surprised at 23 no-shows. Did the poor conditions on legs three and four scare them away? The times were incredibly fast so I'm guessing there were some slick tracks. Results

2023-01-22 at 08:38 - comment by ulrikeski

Thanks for the great photos and cheering, Chuck. Tramline and Bow River Trail were absolutely beautiful. Morant's Curve was a walk (for me). The willows between the tracks slowed me down and the last section was survival skiing at its best.

2023-01-22 at 08:56 - comment by BonnyTasky

What great pics, thanks Chuck. So it was you as Mr Happy at Baker Creek?! Thanks for your great words of encouragement. As my dog says every day - best day ever :)


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