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PLPP from Back Door

Report Submitted by Arie
(trip) Date: Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

Submitted: Thursday Nov 25, 2021


Skied PLPP trails from Back Door yesterday. -10C at 8:30 am. Blue extra worked well. New snow amounted to something more than a trace and less than an inch. The snowpack is thin but dense and supportive. Trails are snowmobile packed, but off-trail there is good support as well. Just a lot of bushes.
I skied across Lookout and descended towards Hydroline. At the top the skiing is fantastic but it becomes more challenging the further down you go. Near the bottom there was a lumpy icy crust underneath the new snow, and I was wishing for metal edges. About 0.5 km from Hydroline there is an open creek.
From there is skied down Patterson, and veered west just past Blueberry Junction to West Elk Pass. Travel was easy. The hydroline on the BC side of the border has the road plowed out and there is equipment scattered about. I suspect they are probably planning more logging activities this winter. There currently don't appear to be any slash piles burning.
I returned via Tyrwhitt. Met two rangers on snowmobiles who were cutting up deadfall and who put up a picnic table.
-3C on return at 3:30 pm. By the afternoon the trees were dripping a bit on sunny aspects at lower elevations, but the shadier bits should still be okay.


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