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Wapta traverse

Report Submitted by Dave P
(trip) Date: Friday Mar 10, 2023

Submitted: Wednesday Mar 15, 2023 at 11:48


Completed the Wapta traverse last weekend. Peyto hut to Balfour hut, Scott Duncan and out to Sherbrooke lake. The snow conditions were quite good depending where you were. Some slopes were windslab some were nice soft powder about 6cm deep. There are definitely a few sketchy slopes to be avoided due to the deep facet layer. These slopes are not on the glaciers but usually on the approaches and exits to the glacier. Probed anywhere from 1 meter to 2 meters of snowpack on the ice which is quite low for March. There were other tracks to follow which proved useful if we followed the right one. Ski out to Sherbrooke and ski in to peyto lake was the usual comedy of falling throught the trees.

Total distance: 50.00 Km

Leaving Balfour

Scott Duncan

Moraine to Peyto glacier

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2023-03-15 at 15:59 - comment by Gord F

Great photos and a good time of year to get the traverse done. I heard reports that it's been quite difficult to access the glacier from the Peyto route this year. Did you experience any difficulty? It also appears you didn't feel the need to rope up while on the glacier? Just curious about how you felt about crevasse bridging.

2023-03-15 at 17:09 - comment by Dave P

The guy in front of me is roped to 2 others. He is the last in the group so you can't see the rope. We unroped for all the descents. To access Peyto you must follow the moraine (climbers right) steep but not too difficult. After that it is straight forward. The only place crevasses seemed concerning was the pass between Balfour and Scott Duncan

2023-03-15 at 17:13 - comment by ulrikeski

Good info how snow conditions are up there. Was there some boot packing involved on the moraine to get on to Peyto Glacier? Where there open crevasses up Balfour High Col? And was the Sherbrooke trail icy coming out?

2023-03-15 at 17:17 - comment by Dave P

I've added a photo on my original post of the moraine to Peyto. It was skintrack on the lower half and bootpack over loose rock and light snow at the top. The Sherbrooke lake trail was hard pack snow verging on icy.
The crevasses were easy to navigate on the high col with solid snow bridges. I may not have been so confident in a white out.

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