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Winter triathlon!

Report Submitted by RainerA
(trip) Date: Friday Mar 17, 2023

Submitted: Friday Mar 17, 2023 at 07:44


Classic skied in the morning at CNC, Skate skied at Mt Shark in the afternoon and ice fished at Spray Lakes! Conditions were fantastic at CNC for classic on waxable skis. Couldn't resist checking out the new grooming at Mt Shark. Started skiing at 3 PM sunny, no wind and temp about -1. Snow stayed cold and very little skier traffic, some of the trails no one had skated on yet. Skied on Virgo, Pegasus, Hercules and back on Watridge Lake trail. A large group of Walkers had hiked in on the Watridge Lake trail but they stayed off the tracks. Finished off the day with ice fishing on Spray Lakes and actually caught a Lake Trout! The Spray road was in very good condition, at least from the Canmore side. Just to be clear this post refers to my ski on Thursday.

Total distance: 29.00 Km

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2023-03-17 at 08:02 - comment by MaSid

Very nice way to round out a sunny ski day, and the opportunity for Smoked trout on the next ski trip. Awesome!

2023-03-17 at 17:38 - comment by Carole

Fun post; thanks for sharing your special day!

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