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2023-03-17 at 18:34 - comment by Gord F

Hi Carole, nice to see you too. We skied half of what you did and were still tuckered. I guess we've got some conditioning to do ;-)

Successful PLPP Circuit

Report Submitted by Carole
(trip) Date: Friday Mar 17, 2023

Submitted: Friday Mar 17, 2023 at 18:25


Jamie & I


We had a special day skiing the PLPP circuit. We started at Pocaterra Hut with a temperature of -16C, crossed the road and enjoyed the pristine, fresh-tracked Sinclair, Lodgepole, and Spruce Road trails. We were pleasantly surprised by the good conditions along Wheeler. Moraine and Fox Creek were enjoyable and in great shape. Continuing up along the Elk Pass Trail, I couldn't resist skiing up to Blueberry Hill as the sky was blue and the wind was minimal. Conditions were once again superb along this route. We deserved lunch at Elk Pass, then skied down Tyrwhitt through deeper snow with skier-set tracks. Pocaterra was lovely and we were comfortable staying in the tracks skiing at a reasonable speed (not super fast). We finished it off with Rolly Road with a few more cones and needles than anywhere else on the circuit. The temperature at the vehicle was 5C upon our return. The snow softened up by the end of our adventure but did not cause any difficulty.

It was enjoyable to meet Wes who was also skiing the circuit. It was nice to meet Gord again after meeting on a WBC trail earlier this week. It was awesome to see Jennie out skiing again. Some Regina visitors had a lovely month skiing "our" trails. I hope the two women on Pocaterra found their way back to their vehicle. There were many people out skiing on a Friday in March; mind you we did spend a few hours on the PLPP trails today!

Total distance: 42.70 Km

Pristine Lodgepole

Fox Creek

Middle Elk Pass

Invitation to Blueberry Hill

Deeper tracks along Tyrwhitt

Today's route

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