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2023-05-03 at 09:19 - comment by SteveR

We likely crossed paths Monday on this spring classic, Roger, but didn't recognize you without ski garb. Roller ski guy was there too, bravely speeding down the first longer hill heading west! We were there with a group of xc ski friends, so I think that almost counts as a ski report.

2023-05-01 at 17:49 - comment by SkierRoger

Thanks for the great idea of biking the Sheep Valley Road, Alf.
Just a beautiful day today!

Sheep Valley

Report Submitted by Alf Skrastins
(trip) Date: Sunday Apr 30, 2023

Submitted: Sunday Apr 30, 2023 at 21:59


Lots of folks on bikes, hiking and one guy on roller skis


OK. So, this is not skiing... but I did see one ambitious guy on roller skis on the Sheep Valley Road. If you enjoy riding on roads that are closed to the public, the Sheep Valley Road is one of my favourites. The winter gate is located at the turnoff to the Sandy McNabb campground and the pavement ends at the Bluerock Campgrounds, for an out and back total of about 35 km. If you want a longer ride, just start in Turner Valley (Diamond Valley) for a 70 km out and back.
It's a very scenic ride on rolling terrain, with lots of curves and changing views. It's mostly easy, except for the steep dip to the well named Gorge Creek. Remember to set aside some time to take a look at Sheep Falls, Tiger Jaw Falls (at Indian Oils) and Canyon Creek Falls (near Windy Point). As you might expect, you'll probably see Bighorn Sheep, as well as deer, maybe bears and definitely ground squirrel researchers.
But, the road opens for regular traffic on May 15, so you've only got 2 weeks to enjoy this ride without vehicle traffic.

Windy Point on Gleason Ridge, at the Foran Grade curve

The big dip down to Gorge Creek... a 16% grade!

Near Bluerock Campground

East Canyon Creek Falls, just below the new bridge.

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