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Skogan and Sunburst loops

Report Submitted by Kinga
(trip) Date: Friday Feb 09, 2024

Submitted: Saturday Feb 10, 2024 at 10:03




Great conditions on skogan trail yesterday (including both side loops), with a few cm of fresh snow on top of the tracks, more as you ascend. I did not ski to the pass. Tracks start at upper skogan, after screamer, which is in good shape too, though its lower section was starting to get a bit scraped. I don’t recommend the Hidden approach (which I took to skogan) as it doesn’t seem to have been groomed and there’s a lot of foot traffic, so it’s uneven (though it does have good snow coverage). With the latest snow, lower skogan (which I took on the return) is in decent shape, with just a few icy sections. It was quite a bit colder at higher elevation than in the valley and I could have used another layer. The snow-laden trees were stunning!

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