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WBC - Telephone Loop[

Report Submitted by Colonel Blimp
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 11, 2024

Submitted: Sunday Feb 11, 2024 at 16:05


Me plus One


I have been skiing at West Bragg Creek for a few years now but Telephone Loop is a rare treat because it is not often that it is in good condition due to its status as a "shared" trail and the fact is rarely groomed and set.
Today we set off early anti-clockwise to avoid the crowds at 0730 and didn't see a soul until back to Moose Loop. The temperature was perfect at just below 0 degrees and no wind. The first couple of Km were okay but the tracks were non existent and heavily rutted. After that though - previous skier tracks were well defined and the snow was superb. I would say 2/3 of the loop was in great shape and started to deteriorate a little for the last 2km before hitting Moose loop. Car park was pretty much full at 1030am when we returned. All in all a good morning.

Total distance: 16.00 Km

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2024-02-11 at 20:01 - comment by Alf Skrastins

Yes, Telephone Loop is a shared trail with lots of different users, to about the Snowshoe Hare crossing, But XC skiers have the option of starting out on either half of the "skier only" Hostel Loop, on perfect track setting.
That "skier-set" track from Snowshoe Hare junction, all the way around to Braggin Rights was set with tracked motorcycles (fat-bike groomers). It just happens to be the right width for skiers to follow and therefore looks like a skier set trail.
Bragg Creek Trails has had their snowmobile in the shop for repairs, but once it is back, I expect that Telephone Loop will get groomed for skiing + multi-use.

2024-02-12 at 09:01 - comment by blog

Telephone Loop is certainly a later in the season ski and I also recommend counter clockwise.
It's more of a tour or a ski by hardier skiers with skinny sticks when its track set by skier or packed down which was recently done. It is certainly do-able. It also feels great to zip around mountain road and end with mountain view which puts in a longer day but is great.
Enjoy the skiing and thank you everyone who packed the trail down last week.

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