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One of my favorite places to ski

Report Submitted by Dana
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 11, 2024

Submitted: Sunday Feb 11, 2024 at 17:22


Paul and I


Take a little de-tour (100 m bushwack) from the groomed trail to Spray Lake, and you feel like you are at the North Pole. Including the fierce wind and broken chunks of ice sticking up from the snow. Magical. Unfortunately, bushwhack did not have enough snow today, so if you do not like skiing over the logs, rocks and sticks for a bit, it is not for you. Shark trails were well groomed for skiing with no wind, -4 or -5C, but we liked this place for a change and for beauty. We had no grooming and no ski or snowshoe tracks, but enough snow covered the ice. 360-degree views were magnificent.

These chunks of ice are different each time we go there mostly depending on the weather in December

Mt Sparrowhawk sticking out of the clouds for a short time

Starting out on the lake

Mt Nestor

Panorama, not sure if it will upload well.

Tent Ridge

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2024-02-11 at 17:49 - comment by Helen Read

Incredible photos Dana and Paul; I am somewhat chicken to ski on ice so really happy you had your hubby there with you.

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