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Calmness between Castle Lookout & Baker Creek Chalets

Report Submitted by Carole
(trip) Date: Sunday Feb 11, 2024

Submitted: Sunday Feb 11, 2024 at 17:44


Jamie & I


It was calm and peaceful skiing from Castle Lookout to Baker Creek Chalets & back. We met perhaps 12 other people during our outing, including the happy threesome Alanna, Kristine & René. We encountered George also! The conditions are a bit rough for the first 1 1/2 km (slick first hill, then needles), but improved greatly westwards. The sun was shining early and it clouded over by the time we finished just before 2 p.m. Temperatures ranged from -5C to +1C. A very pleasant and satisfying outing!

Total distance: 20.00 Km

Lunch company at Baker Creek Chalets

Alanna, Kristine & René

Trains were active along the trail.

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2024-02-12 at 05:54 - comment by MaSid

The bird seems to be attracted to the duct tape. The older the boots, the better the gorp. (-:

2024-02-12 at 09:04 - comment by aqua toque

A bird on the foot is worth two in the hand.

....or something like that.

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