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Baker to Castle Lookout very pleasant

Report Submitted by JeffG
(trip) Date: Monday Feb 12, 2024

Submitted: Monday Feb 12, 2024 at 17:43


I skied from Baker Creek to Castle Lookout between noon and 3:00 pm today. Minus 3 degrees at the start, and plus 1 at the finish.There had been a few cm of new snow from last night, but skiers in front of me had ensured clean tracks. The tracks deteriorated somewhat around the two big hills, but were otherwise in really good shape. I didn’t cross the road and climb the Castle Lookout hill, but the previously reported pine needles on that end of the system were really not bad, probably because of the fresh dusting of snow. On the other end, there were some twigs coming through the tracks, but again they were not really that bad. My skins were very happy in the combination of winter and early spring conditions. I would say this gorgeous trail is still recommended, and should be for at least a few more days.

Total distance: 18.40 Km

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