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2021-05-02 - comment by aqua toque

Fabulous outing. Funny, there was also a guy on the old site named Steve who was always posting crocuses. What a coincidence.

Hey Tim.Coombs, Hwy 66 (Elbow Falls Trail) has the same dealio. Closed til May 15 beyond the falls.

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2021-05-02 - comment by Tim.Coombs

I am definitely in favour of these reports when the skiing ends. Great to see which roads are still closed where road rides can happen. Highwood Pass and 1A were the only ones I was aware of this far. Thanks!

Sheep River ride, no cars and no skis.

Report Submitted by SteveR
(trip) Date: Friday Apr 30, 2021

Submitted: Saturday May 01, 2021




Not a ski report, but all of the participants were xc skiers, so I think that counts. Anyway, riding the Sheep River road from Sandy McNabb out to Bluerock in the window between the winter snow melting off the road and the gate opening to vehicles on May 15, is an annual tradition. On April 30 the road was dry, with no excess gravel to worry about for those on skinny tires. The west winds often blow strongly here, to the detriment of the skiing at times, and today was no exception. It was warm though, and that same wind gave a great boost on the return trip. As always, lunch at Sheep Falls was a highlight.



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