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More snow at West Bragg Creek

Report Submitted by Alf Skrastins
(trip) Date: Thursday May 02, 2024

Submitted: Thursday May 02, 2024 at 17:31


There was another large snowfall at West Bragg Creek. I measured 28cm of snow on the 24 hour snow board. Total settled new snow since Tuesday ranges from 40cm to 60cm. That's a lot of snow!
The WBC trail crew was scheduled to go out collect winter signs from around the ski trails and to deal with some downed trees. Since the tracked BOBCAT UTV would leave deep ruts in the snow, we also towed a roller-packer to smooth out the snow... so there is now a packed corduroy tread on Hostel Loop, parts of the Crystal Lines, Moose Connector and the first 1 km of Mountain Road.

Some more snowfall is possible overnight along with below freezing temperatures, but then it gets quite warm and sunny in the afternoon. Go early tomorrow for the best conditions.

Clearing downed trees and picking up winter signs at WBC.

Deep snow on Middle Crystal Line

Looks like winter on West Crystal Line

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2024-05-02 at 18:15 - comment by MaSid

Awesome! If not for a sore throat approaching rapidly, I’d be on it in the morning.

2024-05-03 at 07:11 - comment by Diana Piggott

I was surprised and delighted to find the grooming. Even my new skis sank in very deep outside the track.

Moose tracks on Hostel Loop, lower east side

Bottom of Hostel Loop, my tracks in the deep snow!

2024-05-03 at 14:10 - comment by Septuagenarians

Alf, thanks for your trail report. After seeing it we headed out to WBC early on Friday morning and skied from 8:30 to 11:00 on lower Hostel, Mountain Road and Middle Crystal. Conditions at 8:30 were solid and crunchy. We were able to ski on the crust at Hostel Meadow with no penetration (62mm skis). We stayed off the steep hills, but by 10:00 the trails were softening up and were in great shape (for May). Also thanks to the gentleman on the Bobcat UTV who used a roller while out doing other duties.

2024-05-04 at 21:30 - comment by Darlene Kakoske

It's May and more snow in Bragg Creek - Amazing :)

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