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Chilly start at WBC

Report Submitted by Jasonvilly
(trip) Date: Tuesday Dec 28, 2021

Submitted: Tuesday Dec 28, 2021 at 15:14




Started at -27 at WBC parking lot at 9:30am. Only handful of cars in lot.

Skied mountain road, mountain view west, moose loop and back.

Tracks are getting a bit worn, but not too bad at all. Some tracks had new snow and were quite slow. If you can hit the tracks that someone has been on, they will have pretty decent glide. I was on waxless today with a hefty dose of roll on wax.

Felt like I had the place to myself on the ski.

-19 by the time I got back to my truck. Also many more vehicles, and the drive out passed many more heading out. Seems people were itching to get out of the house.

The saying of no bad weather, only bad gear is true…but with a caveat. The biggest concern is moisture control. Pick gear the breathes, and a speed that prevents you from sweating and you will stay warm all day.



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