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WBC Telephone Loop - Obstacles manageable

Report Submitted by Carl V M
(trip) Date: Sunday Jan 02, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Jan 02, 2022 at 16:36

1 - A ski around

2 - A stepover

3 - A short bushwhack around


Just me, called a Rambler trip but they were all on six other trips today


Having skied most of the WBC trails in the previous week, I really had Telephone Loop on my radar. Met SteveR in the parking lot who warned me that there might be a lot of deadfall. Well, I can always turn around. I took my 40 year old steel edged Kazama Mountain High skis (3pin bindings, leather boots) with VR40 wax. Along the trail I happened on a rescue in progress. The trail crew advised me that they hadn't cleared trees past the Long Distance junction. Well, I can always turn around. A few meters past that junction I ran into the first obstacle, but it was an easy stepover. Followed in a few meters by an easy ski around. All in all there were about 15-20 spots where some work will have to be done to take a groomer around. But most of those involve a few minutes with a chain saw. Only one (see the third photo) actually forced me off the trail (by less than six meters). A few of the others were step overs that took a minute or so to negotiate. Before the Long Distance junction the track had been mainly used by fat bikers. After that there was only sign of a fairly small group of skiers. My guess is Alf S. Once back in "civilization" I skied around a portion of Moose loop before veering off again onto Tom Snow across to Mountain Road, After all I had my back-country gear.
PS The number of trees down is an indication of the heroic efforts that the Bragg Creek Trails folk have put out in order to make all the other trails so wonderful. Thanks Guys and Gals.


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