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Pipestone trails

Report Submitted by Sara M
(trip) Date: Saturday Jan 08, 2022

Submitted: Saturday Jan 08, 2022 at 21:54

Mud Lake

a thin blanket of fresh snow over the tracks




Seeing that the Pipestone system had been groomed yesterday, that's where I headed. The parking lot was not ploughed but it was manageable with AWD. Fresh snow and tree debris had fallen on yesterday's grooming, but the snow was delightfully silky smooth. I let some other folks break trail along the Pipestone loop, while I focussed on Merlin and Hector. Then I turned around and headed clockwise on Pipestone, which, apparently, is the wrong direction! I guess I've never skied here on a busy day and it seems that everyone goes counterclockwise around this loop... sorry to the 20-ish skiers I scared today!


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