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Snowy Spray West

Report Submitted by Ray Perrott
(trip) Date: Tuesday Jan 18, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Jan 18, 2022 at 16:22


Anne, Mary, me


After a fabulous overnight snowfall, we arrived at Spray West parking at 9:45am. First car there! We hoped to find that the tracksetter was out ahead of us, but no luck (that's why my name is not Chuck!). We began breaking trail in some 10cm of fresh snow, and by the time we got to the "bus shelter" at the east-west junction, the new snow was about 15cm deep. On the way, we had to skootch under a big fallen tree, just over 3km from the start. We only skied for about 15min beyond the shelter, and enjoyed our own tracksetting on the return. Passed a handful of people heading out as we returned. A slow but pleasant day.

Chainsaw needed here

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2022-01-18 at 20:55 - comment by Chuck

Sorry Ray… I should have reported that the Tracker unit that I put on the tracksetters machine showed no movement this morning!

2022-01-18 at 22:43 - comment by Donna B

Ray, can you please add temps and waxing used when you encountered that lovely snow for those of us learning how to prepare for various snow conditions. I assume it was cold and waxable skis won out over skins and fishscales. I have all 3 available to me but still learning which to use when.


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