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The mysterious unskied section of the Loppet we finally explored

Report Submitted by Helen Read
(trip) Date: Friday Jan 21, 2022

Submitted: Friday Jan 21, 2022 at 22:23


Spurred on by Chuck's fabulous photos of the Loppet course, we parked at the Campground and accessed Bow River Trail from there. Perfect snow and temp at -10. Saw one snowshoer and his dog and 3 skiers on this section which took us to the connection to trail behind Baker Creek Chalets east of Morant's Curve. Not too fussy on the close to 1 km walk but did get to satisfy our curiosity to ski those lovely, scarcely skied parts of the loppet. At 12:01 the eastbound train arrived for the many people poised ready with their cameras. Thanks Chuck for those descriptive photos. Was 7 kms one way from where we parked at Campground.

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2022-01-22 at 07:58 - comment by Chuck

Hi Helen,
The mystery to me is where did you park? You say you parked at a Campground. I think you maybe parked at the Corral Creek day use area.
A real easy place to park is right at Morant's Curve... Parks even has plowed that little parking area!
Photos may be of interest.

Waiting for the train

West of Baker is usually only skied during the Loppet

2022-01-22 at 10:23 - comment by Tanya K

Helen, we started in the campground too last year. Great place to start to ski the unique part of the course you can only do during the loppet.

Chuck, there is a small parking lot in the campground that fits about 5 cars. It's marked on the Parks Canada ski map for Louise.


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