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2022-02-22 at 20:38 - comment by Jean-Francois

Hi Chuck,
Cognac is definitely better than wine to keep you warm on a cold day!

2022-02-22 at 19:17 - comment by Chuck

Hey Jean-Francois,
The gift was not wine!
If memory serves me right, it was a Christmas gift of quality liquor, probably your favorite Cognac.

2022-02-22 at 18:36 - comment by Jean-Francois

Howdy Chuck,
Ha ha no wine for me, unless it was grenadine? Last time I saw Don was on Sundance lodge trip back in 2018 I believe.
Bonne fin de journee

2022-02-22 at 17:52 - comment by Chuck

Reminds me of meeting Don and the gang from the Esso Ski Club back on December 19, 2019.
Hope your trip will be as memorable!

This is what Don left on my windshield!

Don needed a little VR50 wax

WBC - pleasant afternoon

Report Submitted by Jean-Francois
(trip) Date: Tuesday Feb 22, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Feb 22, 2022 at 17:29




I was not as tough as ErinP and arrived at 1:00pm (-21C)

I skied Mt Road / Mt View W / Moose loop CCW, back on Mt View W / Mt Road / Moose connector and West Crystal to the parking lot.

I had the pleasure to meet Don C and his gang of Shell / Imperial Oil retirees at the high point of Mt View W (an old acquaintance from Skier Bob time)

I really love these cold days with my waxable skis when grip is superb and glide excellent (way better than yesterday).

There was little wind and the fast downhills were bearable

A very enjoyable afternoon ski, many thanks to all the groomers!

Going up Mt road

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