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2022-02-24 at 17:52 - comment by SteveR

I thought the 4 bikers might well turn around, as there was some audible grumbling about the slog amongst the ranks as I skied by, and I could still hear them discussing things when I stopped briefly at the junction with Long Distance.
It would be interesting to know the skier count on Telephone today. I bookended my CW ski with Moose Loop( thus missing the early birds such as JFR) and Hostel Loop, encountering 24 skiers coming the other way, and passing 6 others going the same way as I. Thank you groomers!

2022-02-24 at 17:02 - comment by Mike W

The "struggling rut-creating fat bikers who were pushing their bikes CCW just north of Long Distance North" indeed turned around after about 100m. They did a good job of keeping out of the trackset all the way back to the parking lot.


Report Submitted by SteveR
(trip) Date: Thursday Feb 24, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Feb 24, 2022 at 15:23

Pristine conditions on the north end. Get it while you can!


Me, and at least 30 others. Who says that no-one skis Telephone anymore!


No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, and there has been no Photoshop trickery- Telephone has been trackset and is in great shape overall! As usual, coverage on a couple of the steep hills along the east leg is thin in spots. Also as usual- the east leg has seen some bike and foot traffic but thanks to the track setting serving as a guide, they stuck to the non-ski side with no appreciable affect on the ski conditions. Hopefully the struggling rut-creating fat bikers who were pushing their bikes CCW just north of Long Distance North turned around!


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