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2022-03-23 at 07:06 - comment by Chuck

Hi Diana,
The trail is not at all damaged by hikers because it is hard packed and there is so much snow.
Try it, and report back!

2022-03-22 at 22:06 - comment by Diana Piggott

That looks amazing! How is it not destroyed by hikers, etc??

2022-03-22 at 18:45 - comment by SkierRoger

Fantastic trip and pictures Chuck.
You're a true inspiration!

BOOM LAKE - Boom Boom

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

Submitted: Tuesday Mar 22, 2022 at 17:25


Only one other couple seen all day!
Ideal conditions at this time of year to visit this spectacular area.
Again, my Rode Mutigrade (0 to -2) was the right choice, along with metal edges for better control on the descent.

Only skiers get the rewards down the lake

We chose Boom Lake today, where we could manage the avalanche risk

The trail to the lake was in excellent travel condition, hard packed with soft snow on the side.

We headed out across the lake, avoiding avalanche terrain along the shore.

The sun came out to enhance views at the end of the lake

While we were at the end of the lake, this avalanche came down to the shoreline!


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