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2022-03-31 at 18:19 - comment by RainerA

Amazing experience to know that you were being followed. Probably just curious, or taking advantage of your broken trail or looking for some Dark Matter!

2022-03-31 at 09:51 - comment by SteveR

Now that's a lunch! We crossed a set of fresh wolf tracks in the overnight snow on our way across the Burstall flats on Tuesday, and coming back in the afternoon there were another set of fresher larger ones that had crossed over our ski track while we were at the pass. Great that you actually spotted one!

SHADOW LAKE - Dark Matter and other matters

Report Submitted by Chuck
(trip) Date: Wednesday Mar 30, 2022

Submitted: Thursday Mar 31, 2022 at 07:32


Not Backcountry... Just Off Track.
In addition to the lynx tracks, I saw one large grey wolf. On the return I found that I had been followed for about 6 km by a pack of at least four wolves... Glad I had my bear spray!

My new favourite, Dark Matter, thanks Helen

I'm almost the first to use the final grooming as the ACC closed their Lodge season

and then the lynx jumps off the trail

Approaching Shadow Lake

The Red Chairs at the end of the lake are well protected...

... with a marvellous view.


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