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2022-04-11 at 08:10 - comment by Chuck

Now that's a useful report... Thanks

Moraine Lake Road

Report Submitted by Dave
(trip) Date: Sunday Apr 10, 2022

Submitted: Sunday Apr 10, 2022 at 22:57


two of us


Skied down Fairview to the Moraine Lake Road. There was a centimetre or two of new, dry snow in the well-defined trackset that looks to be perhaps 10 days old. Rode Super Blue worked well and the steep hills were speedy.

Moraine Lake Road was very similar to Fairview, with clean snow and easy-to-ski, old trackset. Swix VR40 worked very well for my friend. With the occasional snow flurry and variable sun and cloud, skiing was most enjoyable, especially so when compared to last weekend's plus temperatures and waxing challenges.

Lunch at the end of the trackset was made a complete treat with the arrival of two skiers returning from Moraine Lake - Jeanette and Chuck! We chatted, skied, and chatted and skied down the road to the Fairview junction, being sure to ski in both the ‘up' and ‘down' tracks to maintain them for next week. The glide down was very fine.

We had just enough grip to get up Fairview, the glide back through the meadows was a beautiful finish.

With the cool forecast for the week ahead, there will hopefully be a couple more weeks of great skiing here. Highly recommended!!


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